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Dedicated Ingest Nodes Public Preview Release for OpenSearch® on Instaclustr by NetApp

Dedicated Ingest Nodes for OpenSearch: Enhancing Data Processing Performance 

NetApp is pleased to announce the Public Preview release of dedicated ingest nodes to the Instaclustr Managed Platform for OpenSearch clusters. By deploying dedicated ingest nodes, customers can set up customized ingest pipelines that ingest and prepare raw data to be sent to data nodes for processing.

Dedicated ingest nodes have a number of benefits when deployed into an OpenSearch cluster. They separate the responsibility of data ingestion, meaning that indexing or search latency is not affected by large amounts of incoming data, ultimately improving the stability and performance of the cluster. Dedicated ingest nodes also enable a layer of customization that allows customers to allocate and scale ingest resources separately from index or search resources.

An example of an OpenSearch Cluster with dedicated ingest nodes. The dedicated ingest nodes act as a “front door” to the cluster, ingesting and processing data before passing it on to the data nodes.  

Customers who are thinking of using dedicated ingest nodes in their OpenSearch cluster should be aware of considerations such as: 

  • Dedicated ingest nodes exist purely to ingest and process data, meaning they do not need large amounts of disk as data will be stored on the data nodes.  
  • Dedicated ingest nodes are being released to Public Preview initially so you should do some testing before going to production—see our lifecycle policy here for more information. Dedicated ingest nodes will be released to General Availability in the coming months.  
  • Dedicated ingest nodes are not currently supported when using a load balancer on OpenSearch clusters. Support for load balancers will be released in the coming months as part of the General Availability release. 
  • Whether dedicated ingest nodes are appropriate for your use case will come down to a number of factors, and our helpful Support team can help you understand more. 

While deploying and managing dedicated ingest nodes can be complex on your own, the Instaclustr Managed Platform makes it easy. Our easy-to-use portal makes it simple to spin up an OpenSearch cluster with ingest nodes in minutes. Our Technical Operations team can also help existing customers of Instaclustr for OpenSearch add ingest nodes to their existing clusters.  

If you are interested in learning more about dedicated ingest nodes, or our Managed OpenSearch service in general, feel free to reach out to our friendly team here. For our existing customers, you can send an email to [email protected] and a Technical Operations representative will respond as soon as possible.