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Financial Solutions

Gain competitive advantages through environments built on Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark.

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Big data. What to do with it?

Financial services industries such as banking, insurance and capital management have been built on data from the time they first came into existence.  From ancient money lenders with clay tablets to early 20th century clerks with rooms full of ledgers to modern high-frequency trading, efficiently recording, retrieving and analysing data has been a key competitive advantage for successful financial services organisations.

Consumers demand information instantly. To meet these demands and stay competitive, financial institutions require systems that can collect and quickly analyse vast streams of data. Consumers expect that the systems they interact with will be instantly up to date, always available and, increasingly, be aware of the context of all their previous interactions and related information.

Gain your competitive advantage.

The combined capabilities of Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark provide the basis for financial services organisations to gain competitive advantage through development of a new class of financial services platforms that work with higher volumes and velocities of data than previously possible. This can be achieved while maintaining the highest levels of availability and managing licensing, operations and infrastructure costs.

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