Financial Solutions

Financial Solutions

Build your next-generation financial services application on the leading open source technologies including Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark and Apache Kafka.

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When downtime is not an option

Our platform and processes have been specified and engineered to deliver the core principles of scale, performance, availability and security. The fundamentals of any next generation application or solution.

Independently assessed security

Our managed solutions incorporates independently assessed SOC2 accredited processes and controls to deliver a highly secure platform.

Open source core data technologies

Our managed services platform incorporates and integrates all of the core big data open source technologies: Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark and Apache Kafka to name a few.


High Availability  |   SOC2 Accredited   |   Unlimited Scale

Data is the core of financial services industries such as banking, insurance, and capital management.  Our platform provides the right technologies to support your data needs. 

Gain your competitive advantage.

The combined capabilities of Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark and Apache Kafka provide the basis for financial services organisations to gain competitive advantage through development of a new class of financial services platforms that work with higher volumes and velocities of data than previously possible. This can be achieved while maintaining the highest levels of availability and managing licensing, operations and infrastructure costs.

Financial Solutions with Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka & Apache Spark

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