From seed investment all the way through to IPO, we are here to help you scale.  

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The Instaclustr Startup Program provides significant discounts and onboarding support for our managed solutions, including Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark deployments.


If you’re a startup with less than $3M in annual revenue and less than $30M in capital raised, then please contact us for further details.


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True Cost of Do-It-Yourself

Read our blog post on the real costs associated with deploying a highly scalable database technology like Apache Cassandra.

Have you thought about the financial considerations, the time to market considerations, and the business risks associated with self-deployment and management?

Let us be your Cassandra expert

We are passionate about helping companies adopt Cassandra. We will get you to market quicker, allow you to iterate faster and keep you running with rock solid availability and performance.

The Instaclustr Startup Program lets you run development, staging and production clusters at a significant discount, while still enjoying our outstanding 24/7/365 support and all of the other features of our managed service.

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Drop us a line any time and we can discuss your requirements and how we can best help.

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