Startup Program

Get access to a range of benefits to help grow your business.

Startup Program

Get up to $10,000 worth of credit for our managed solutions for any of our supported open source data layer technologies, such as Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, and Redis. 

Program Commitment

We simply request that all participants allow us to publicly identify them as a customer to help us with promoting the program and our services for startups. Beyond this, there are no specific commitments other than our normal terms of service.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for inclusion in the program, your company must have less than $1M in annual revenue and less than $10M in capital raised. Participation is limited to one year for all companies that have been accepted into the program.

Membership Tiers


Provides founders, and companies that have been bootstrapped, with access to service credits and consulting service discounts to help them evaluate and deploy Apache Cassandra and Apache Kafka for their application.

Receive up to $2,000 worth of InstaCredits and 20% off all consulting services.


This tier is for companies with an idea that we believe is both innovative and potentially transformative. These customers will be looking to initially run the service in Instaclustr cloud provider account (RIIA).

Receive up to $5,000 in InstaCredits and 20% off all consulting services.


Reserved for those startups that are well-funded. Typically, this customer will also have cloud provider credits and will be running our service under their own cloud provider account (RIYOA).

Receive up to $10,000 in InstaCredits and 20% off all consulting services.

Instaclustr Startup
Program Application

Experience a range of benefits including credits for our managed solutions and enterprise support services.


What are InstaCredits?

InstaCredits are service credits that can be used specifically for Instaclustr managed solutions. InstaCredits are not used to pay for cloud provider charges.

What is the difference between RIYOA and RIIA?

RIYOA stands for Run In Your Own Account and means that you will be operating our service through your own cloud provider account. You will be paying for the cloud provider charges directly to your cloud provider.

RIIA stands for Run In Instaclustr Account and means that Instaclustr pays directly for all cloud provider charges and passes these onto our customers at cost.

What happens if I also have cloud provider credits?

You can use your cloud provider credits with us for RIYOA, and may be able to do so for RIIA services but you would need to discuss this with us first.

Can I extend the use of my InstaCredits?

InstaCredits are valid for 12 months and can be used either all up front or staged over the 12-month period.