Stop paying DataStax license fees. Use enterprise open source that’s really open source!

Proprietary code simply isn’t required to run enterprise-grade Cassandra. The largest organizations running the most mission-critical systems rely on open source Cassandra and open source ecosystem technology.

Move to open source Apache Cassandra with zero downtime

If you are thinking of migrating from DataStax to Open Source Cassandra, our proven Consulting Migration Service is the fastest and most efficient in the market. We will help you migrate your DataApplications, and also Setup Operational Tools while eliminating technical risks and pitfalls.

Instaclustr has migrated over 20 customers and thousands of nodes from DataStax to Open Source Cassandra. We have the expertise and experience with on-premises and cloud migrations. We also developed several migration scripts and workarounds that will be at your disposal.

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Challenges we can help with

  • ROI:  We can work with your Cassandra team to develop a full ROI and cost justification for your move to open source.  
  • Migration Steps:  We have a full migration methodology that will get you over to open source as quickly and cheaply as possible with minimum disruption no matter what Datastax features you are using.
  • Operational Tools: You will no longer have access to OpsCenter but our open source alternative toolset— monitoring, repair, backup and recovery—will make that transition seamless. Ask us for a demo of these tools.
  • Ongoing Support: When you enter a support contract with Instaclustr, you will be leveraging more than 70 million node hours of management and support experience with Apache Cassandra. Members of our Technical Operations (TechOps) team are available 24×7

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Let our operational and production experience help you migrate with no downtime.


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