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Managed Spark

Instaclustr provides a fully hosted and managed Apache Spark™ solution on Cassandra so that you can embrace the analytical power of Spark without having to move your data.

Features of Managed Spark

The Instaclustr Managed Spark is available on AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud and provides a range of key features to ensure you can focus on the productive work of developing analytics with Spark.

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  • Management and Monitoring

    Our management console allows you to deploy a fully managed and monitored Apache Spark.

  • 24×7 Expert Support

    We provide 24/7 technical expert support for our Managed Apache Spark customers.

  • Apache Cassandra

    Spark integrates on top of your data in Apache Cassandra to enable you to execute computation on your storage nodes.

    Spark fully integrates with the key components of Cassandra and provides the resilience and scale you need for your application.

  • SOC 2 Certified

    Instaclustr Managed Apache Spark is SOC 2 Certified, providing cluster security and availability assurance. Our SOC2 program includes security and availability considerations in our design, along with continually reviewing, testing, and monitoring the environment.

Benefits of Apache Spark

Spark executes analytics and analysis across your data. Spark provides access to sophisticated open source machine learning and graphic analytics tools for your business.

We customize and optimize the configuration of your cluster so that you can receive all the benefits of our fully managed and hosted Spark service with your Cassandra deployment on AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, and in your private data center.
A Unified Analytics Engine

Spark lets you seamlessly combine various libraries like Spark SQL, Spark streaming, MLliB (machine learning), and GraphX (graph) to create complex workflows and manage analytics.

Collocated Data Engine

Your Apache Spark engine is right where your operational database resides. There is no need for extracting, transforming (ELT) and loading into a new environment.

Functional and Easy to Use

Apache Spark can be deployed as a standalone cluster mode or in the cloud. Spark can access diverse data sources, including Cassandra. It has easy-to-use APIs to work with large datasets.

Open Source

Apache Spark is entirely open source under The Apache Foundation model. This means there is no lock-in, and an extensive ecosystem of supporting no lock-in companies and projects exist.

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