Instaclustr’s Open Source Tools for Apache Cassandra


This presentation was delivered by Adam Zegelin, Instaclustr co-founder, at ApacheCon 2019.

Adam walks through Instaclustr’s Cassandra tools and how they add key functionality and ease-of-use to Cassandra deployments:

  • LDAP authenticator plug-in for Cassandra: open source LDAP authenticator plug-in that works closely with the existing CassandraAuthorizer implementation. The plug-in enables developers to quickly reap the benefits of secure LDAP authentication without the need to write their own solutions, and to transition to using the authenticator with zero downtime.
  • Kerberos authenticator plug-in for Cassandra: open source Kerberos authenticator plug-in that enables Cassandra users to leverage Kerberos’ industry-leading secure authentication and true single sign-on capabilities. The open source project also includes a Kerberos authenticator plugin for the Cassandra Java driver.
  • Cassandra Prometheus Exporter: a high-performance metrics collection agent that allows for easy integration with the Prometheus monitoring solution. It has been designed to collect detailed metrics on production-sized clusters with complex schemata with minimal performance impact while at the same time following Prometheus’s best practices for exporting metrics.
  • Additional utilities and debugging tools: including a utility to assist with backup and restore to various cloud providers, and tools to provide debug-level information about SSTables.
  • Cassandra operator for running and operating Cassandra within Kubernetes: open source Cassandra operator functions as a Cassandra-as-a-Service on Kubernetes, fully handling deployment and operations duties so that developers don’t have to. It also offers a consistent environment and set of operations founded on best practices, which is reproducible across production clusters and development, staging, and QA environments.

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