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How to Maximize the Availability of Apache Cassandra®
November 25, 2021


If you are addressing the challenges created by Big data, you would agree that the Big data requires a different data storage and management solution. In the recent times, Apache Cassandra® has emerged as a winning solution. However, the right deployment strategies and best practices can mean the difference between on-time deployment of applications that scale massively, are always available, and perform blazingly fast, and those that bring your applications to a crawl.

This white paper is divided into five major sections and they will provide:

  • A glance into challenges of 21st-century computing
  • Why Apache Cassandra is a preferred choice for handling Big data.
  • 4 common pitfalls and mistakes you can avoid while implementing Cassandra database for Big data technology.
  • Insights on the recommended best practices for deploying, configuring, monitoring and maintaining Apache Cassandra.
  • A case study that illustrates the power of Apache Cassandra.

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