Managed Kafka Connect

Kafka Connect is a powerful component of the Apache Kafka project which forges enterprise grade connections between Kafka and other tools like databases and search engines.

Simplify Kafka Workflows with Managed Kafka Connect

Kafka Connect serves as a robust framework for hosting connectors. An ecosystem of pre-built connectors makes it easy for you to get data to where you need it, in the form that you require.

Our Managed Kafka Connect allows you to reliably and robustly deploy this capability integrating with your Managed Kafka with us, or your Kafka deployment elsewhere, in a clustered configuration which can resist node failure.

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Kafka Connect Features

Event-Driven Architecture

Kafka Connect enables a fast, event-driven architecture to robustly allow data flow between multiple services.

Scale Without Penalty

Deploying Kafka Connect as a distributed cluster means it can scale with your workloads without impacting your Kafka performance.

Unify Your Data Layer

Make sure data is reaching your analytics and search stack at the same time it's pushed to other parts of your infrastructure.

Development Speed

Pre-built, low configuration connectors and a clean REST API make Kafka Connect a fast way to build robust event-driven architectures.

Community Connectors

Use open source and other connectors built by the community.

Enterprise Grade

Robust connectors can catch exceptions gracefully and can even store them in secondary topics for inspection so you never lose or skip unaware over data.

Advantages of Managed Kafka Connect

24x7 Support

Instaclustr provides around the clock support for Kafka Connect.

Run in Your Cloud Provider Account or Ours

We support Run In Your Own Account (RIYOA) and Run In Instaclustr's Account (RIIA) for our Managed Kafka Connect.

Open Source

Our Kafka and Kafka Connect offerings are 100% Apache 2.0 licensed open source.

Robust Architecture

For reliability Kafka Connect is best run in distributed mode as a cluster. This is our default deployment architecture.

S3 Connector

We have built and open sourced a fully supported S3 connector for your convenience (under Apache License 2.0).

Completely Managed

A managed cluster with leading SLAs (99.99% uptime) means you don't have to worry about cluster architecture, updates, or monitoring.

Custom Connectors

You can deploy your own custom developed connectors, connectors from the open source ecosystem or connectors that you have licenced. We can build, or provide advice on building, the custom connectors you require.


Instaclustr brings SOC 2 security to all our managed offerings to enable you to advance your cybersecurity posture.

Flexible deployment options

Instaclustr supports multiple clouds. You can also integrate Instaclustr Kafka Connect with Kafka deployed elsewhere. Contact us about on premises consulting and support options.

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