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Instaclustr Updates Dedicated Masters for OpenSearch Offering

Instaclustr is pleased to announce this update to our dedicated master nodes for our OpenSearch offerings on Instaclustr’s SaaS Platform. Instaclustr’s OpenSearch managed service is based on the truly open source, Apache 2.0 licensed, OpenSearch project.

Dedicated masters serve a specific purpose in OpenSearch—they perform management tasks for the cluster but do not participate in searching and indexing.  Provisioning a cluster with dedicated masters is strongly recommended for running production workloads. Without a dedicated master, all nodes are master-eligible and the cluster can suffer severe performance degradation when under heavy load. You can find out more about dedicated masters on our support page.

With the update to the dedicated master nodes, Instaclustr has optimized the performance and financial benefits. These nodes have been carefully selected to provide sufficient computation resources whilst reducing the storage requirements, and thus providing cost savings. Dedicated master nodes are available across AWS, GCP, and Azure with 4 different specifications on each provider to suit your individual workload requirements.  

Existing customers running OpenSearch or Open Distro for Elasticsearch can contact our support team if they wish to upgrade to the updated node types.

“Dedicated masters are strongly recommended for any customer running production workloads. With the updated dedicated masters nodes, we have been able to continue to refine our offering. Customers can now see cost savings whilst maintaining the performance and reliability advantages that come with this configuration.”

said Paul Aubrey, VP of Product Management.

The easiest way to see all the new dedicated master nodes for your provider is to log into our Console. Contact our Support or Customer Success teams for any questions and clarifications. New customers can begin a free trial of Instaclustr Managed OpenSearch here or contact the Instaclustr Sales team.

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