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OpenSearch 2.5 Now in General Availability

Instaclustr is excited to announce the availability of OpenSearch 2.5 on our managed platform! As we continue to enhance our product offerings with the latest software releases, we would like to take this opportunity to share some of the recent features we are most excited about. 

Our version 2.5 release also marks the availability of several additional plugins for OpenSearch which customers can enable through the Instaclustr managed platform. These plugins were previously available in version 1.x but are now fully supported for version 2.5 onwards. Plugins now available on version 2.5 include:   

OpenSearch version 2.5 also brings a number of important updates to existing users of plugins. For customers who use the SQL plugin, several commands have been added. For more information about the new commands see here.  

The index management plugin has also received a few improvements, making it more functional, secure, and performant. Customers can now create, analyze, and modify indexes through a new user interface built into OpenSearch Dashboards, making index fundamental workflows easier and in a single place. The OpenSearch documentation section has much more information about this new feature.  

For users of k-NN, the plugin receives some performance and compatibility upgrades in the latest release. Enhancements include search improvements and tighter Lucene integration. Find out more about k-NN enhancements in the OpenSearch version 2.5 release notes 

OpenSearch version 2.5 includes a series of important security updates. Several CVE’s have been resolved, as well as patching across OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards. For a full list of all security updates, see the version 2.5 release notes here. 

If you would like to upgrade your existing clusters to version 2.5 or have any questions about OpenSearch, please reach out to our friendly Support team. For customers who are running OpenSearch on the managed platform, our Technical Operations team will reach out shortly to schedule a time to upgrade your clusters to the latest version.