SQL Plugin


By default, OpenSearch utilises a domain-specific-language (DSL) for querying the cluster indices and documents. The SQL plugin provides an alternative syntax for queries, this is especially useful if you are already familiar with SQL but do not want to learn a new query language.

Enabling the Plugin

When choosing the eligible OpenSearch version (OpenSearch 1.3.7 and 2.4.0 onwards respectively), the options will be available on the Console and the API to provision clusters with the SQL plugin. Existing clusters that satisfy these version requirements can also have the SQL plugin enabled through making a request to support.


Via the Instaclustr Console, you can enable the SQL plugin within the OpenSearch Setup step when creating a new cluster.

API and Terraform

Support for API and Terraform V1 provisioning are also available, in order to utilise these provisioning routes, see the Terraform Provider repository and API Documentation respectively.  

Plugin Usage

The SQL plugin can be used via either the REST API or through dashboards through the left hand sidebar. Note that for Dashboards, SQL search is available as part of the query workbench and not as a dedicated plugin. For further information on the usage and behaviour of the SQL query functionality, more information can be found on the official OpenSearch documentation.

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