By Kaushik Mysur Monday 2nd December 2019

Early Access Program: Fully Managed Apache Kafka Connect

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Instaclustr is pleased to announce the Early Access Program (EAP) for the fully managed Apache Kafka Connect offering on the Instaclustr Managed Platform.

What is Kafka Connect?

Apache Kafka Connect is an open source component of the larger Apache Kafka project and code base. There are several ways through which you can write to, and read from, a Kafka cluster – Kafka Connect is one of those interface.

Kafka Connect is highly reusable and allows rapid integration of external data sources/stores with a Kafka cluster. A key capability of Kafka Connect is that it offers similar scalability and fault tolerance out-of-the-box that Kafka offer.  These are key characteristics that those developing either Kafka producers or consumers have to keep top of mind.  Functionality such as tracking, storing and managing offsets, load balancing across clients, elastic scaling and failure handling are all native to Kafka Connect. The underlying technical architecture behind scaling and fault tolerance of Connect is based off of Kafka and is highly reliable. All you need to do to start reading/writing data to Kafka through a Connect cluster is to implement a handful of mandatory interfaces and build a Connector jar. Additionally, there are several open source connectors available to use without even implementing a single line of code.

Instaclustr Managed Kafka Connect

We will be offering a fully managed Kafka Connect service that enables customers to easily stream data in and out of their Kafka cluster with minimal development, configuration setup, and maintenance. This allows for easier integration of Kafka with the rest of your technology stack.

If you are streaming Kafka data into AWS S3 for long term storage, using the tech for data consolidation, or streaming application data into Kafka, you can achieve these integrations rapidly and enjoy the availability, reliability and scalability benefits offered by Kafka Connect. All that needs to be done is to deploy the right connector that integrates the technology you want with Kafka. Some of the popular connectors will be pre-built into the cluster but the platform will also support the capability to deploy your own custom connectors.

Early Access Program

We are announcing availability of our EAP for Kafka Connect where we engage with customers in close quarters, understanding specific requirements and building custom Connect clusters with customer supplied connectors. In order to keep the EAP focused on working closely with customers to ensure a close fit with their requirements and use cases, we will only be taking a limited number of EAP customers. Customer feedback and our learnings will be integrated into the development of our fully managed Kafka Connect service.

Since launching the Instaclustr Managed Kafka service, we have helped many customers to rapidly deploy production Kafka clusters to serve global-scale, always-on applications, relieving them of thousands of hours of the operational overhead. We have also made ongoing enhancements to our Kafka offering with the introduction of Managed Kafka REST Proxy, Managed Kafka Schema Registry and now our latest addition – Managed Kafka Connect. These additions contribute to the continued growth in our Kafka service uptake.

But what makes us uniquely different at Instaclustr, and the reason that our customers trust us with data layer technologies, is our experience in managing operations for massive-scale deployments in a reliable and secure way. We have amassed over 50 million node hours of operational experience and have built a proven platform for operational management, automation, monitoring, and security. The new features and services we continually add to our platform come with a reliable, secure and effective operational infrastructure from day 1. Kafka Connect will enjoy the same benefits and will be backed by our industry-best SLAs and highly experienced enterprise support team.

If you are interested in participating in this EAP, reach out to our Product Team or one of our Customer Success team members. We will be able to provide more information on the scope of the EAP, communication channels and operational details. Whether or not you participate in this EAP, we always welcome your views and suggestions on how we can improve our service to you. Feel free to write to us at


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