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Managed Apache Kafka on AWS

Interested in AWS Kafka? Rather than going with Amazon MSK, you can save with true open source Apache Kafka fully managed and hosted on AWS with Instaclustr.

Apache Kafka: The Platform for Building Real-Time Streaming Data Pipelines and Applications

Our fully managed and hosted Apache Kafka service can be hosted on AWS to provide you with a reliable and highly available alternative to Amazon MSK. Instaclustr Managed Apache Kafka on AWS enables you to build fast and scalable distributed systems for real time streaming.

While some turn to Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka, you can use AWS for hosting your Apache Kafka instance without committing to Amazon as your managed service provider to avoid long-term vendor lock-in. Our service lets you deploy your open source Apache Kafka cluster on AWS, fully managed by Instaclustr, to create highly available clusters for your streaming data with pre-configured and fully optimized settings. Our open source Apache Kafka optimization techniques are based on best practices developed from thorough and exhaustive testing to match different real-world use cases.

Kafka and Cassandra in Action: Explore How We Built a Massively Scalable Anomaly Detection Application

The 10-part blog series showcases a detailed anomaly detection application we deployed on Amazon EKS and integrated with a massive-scale Apache Kafka and Cassandra data pipeline on AWS, all through the Instaclustr Managed Platform. The series highlights best practices, performance tuning, monitoring and tracing capabilities, and above all demonstrates how a massively scalable Kafka-Cassandra data pipeline can be architected to handle and detect anomalies from billions of daily transactions.

Explore the 10-part series by category.

Best Practices for running managed Kafka on AWS

The first step in deploying open source Apache Kafka on AWS is deciding the correct (Amazon EC2) instance type for Apache Kafka nodes (brokers). This important choice determines the performance and throughput of your cluster, as well as the cost of running it on AWS. It is a crucial step and often involves a trade-off between cost and performance.
Best Practices and Benchmarking

In this blog, we introduce the main motivation behind the project, and cover functionality and initial test results beginning with Cassandra.

Automation Provisioning Using Instaclustr's Provisioning API

Learn how to provision Cassandra and Kafka clusters automatically with Instaclustr’s provisioning API.


In this post, we generate a high volume load for Kafka, the log aggregation system that operates via a publish-subscribe mechanism.

Spin up a cluster in minutes