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Instaclustr Releases Multi-Region Cadence® Workflow

Instaclustr is pleased to announce the public preview release of multi-region support to its Managed Cadence offering. Originally developed and open sourced by Uber, Cadence is a workflow engine that greatly simplifies microservices orchestration for executing complex business processes at scale. 

The multi-region functionality of Cadence replicates workflow state across 2 Cadence clusters and provides failover in the event of a full region failure. This is a mandatory requirement for applications supporting critical business needs and requiring the highest level of availability. The functionality can also be used for zero downtime migration from one Cadence cluster to another (for example to move from self-managed to Instaclustr’s service, for some major version upgrades, or to move from one cloud provider to another).  

The addition of multiregion support to Instaclustr’s Cadence offering makes it easy and reliable to take advantage of the built-in functionality: 

  • A second Cadence cluster can be added as a standby replica of an existing cluster in minutes, with a fully automated provisioning and configuration process using Instaclustr’s console or API 
  • Instaclustr monitors the replication of workflow state between the 2 clusters and our Support team is alerted to rectify the issue if replication is interrupted or falls behind (coming with GA) 
  • Replication functionality is included in Instaclustr SLAs (coming with GA) 

Ben Slater, Chief Product Officer of Instaclustr by NetApp said multi-region support is one of the features that makes Cadence stand out from the pack of modern, microservices based workflow products. However, configuring and managing this yourself is a complex and time-consuming undertaking. I’m excited about how easy our new offering makes it for our customers to take advantage of this great Cadence featuredays of planning and configuring is now minutes.” 

The Public Preview of multi-region support is available now on Instaclustr’s Managed Platform. Sign up to today and try it for yourself or contact us for more information.