Managed Data Layer Solutions

Open Source Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka and more.

How can we help?

Reach out to the most experienced and trusted team delivering open source big data technology solutions at scale.

Open Source As-a-Service

We operate an automated, proven and trusted management environment, providing database, analytics, search and messaging.

Certified Security

Independently validated compliance with SOC2, HIPAA and other essential security standards and practices.

Preventative Maintenance

Both automated and routine essential tasks performed to maintain the health of your cluster on a continuous basis.

Dynamic Scaling

Dial up or down the processing capacity of your cluster in minutes rather than adding or removing nodes over days.

Continuous Availability

Guaranteed uptime and performance metrics for latency in all contracts. If we don't deliver 100% uptime we will take the hit.

Tuned Performance

Our operational environment is tuned to perfection delivering ultimate cluster performance.

Expert Support 24/7

Our team of dedicated technical operations experts are at the ready all the time. Our support team is simply the best in the world. Try us and you will see the Instaclustr difference.

Total Node Hours

24/7 support and
monitoring of your data

Top Cluster Performance

We manage millions of transactions
per second for our customers.

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