Our consulting team has extensive experience in helping a wide-range of customers design, build, and operate truly global-scale applications built for scale, availability, and performance.
  • PostgreSQL Consulting

    We provide comprehensive consulting services that cover all areas of the commercial use of PostgreSQL®, from the initial planning through to go-live. Our expert consultants are also ready to assist with Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations.

  • Apache Kafka Consulting

    Our team of Kafka experts and engineers can solve your Kafka problems at any stage of design, building, or operation. Our team can assess existing deployments for efficiency and effectiveness and provide detailed insights on optimal configurations and deployment architectures.

  • OpenSearch Consulting

    Our OpenSearch and Kibana consultants can advise and engage with you across design, integration, and operational issues. We have extensive experience deploying these technologies in unison with other leading open source solutions.

  • Apache Cassandra Consulting

    Cassandra consultants are available for any element of Cassandra design, architecture, evaluation, or operations. We can provide a health check for your existing deployment, bringing our extensive knowledge experience from running some of the biggest Cassandra clusters on the planet.

  • Redis Consulting

    Our team of Redis consultants can advise on the full lifecycle of your Redis deployment. We can assist with a health check of your Redis cluster, assist in migration from Redis Labs to true open source Redis, and more.

Our methodology
  • Evaluate

    We can help you evaluate and select the right suite of open source data management technologies to most effectively implement your ideas.

  • Design

    Once you have selected your technology baseline, we can help with designing an efficient and effective data model and processing mechanisms to underpin your application.

  • Deploy

    We can help you work through specifying your deployment infrastructure and implementing suitable operational processes and capabilities.

  • Operate

    To ensure you’re capable of operating in a continuous and efficient manner, we can provide guidance on effective monitoring, ongoing maintenance procedures, and operation guides.

Consulting packages

Our consulting team works with our customers in multiple delivery methods including fixed price and time and material engagements.

We also have a range of fixed-price consulting packages with clearly defined deliverables and statements of work.

Consulting packages

Our consulting team works with our customers in multiple delivery methods including fixed price and time and material engagements. We also have a range of fixed-price consulting packages with clearly defined deliverables and statements of work.
Open Source Strategy

Let’s face it, taking an “open source first” approach can be considered as progressive. Being a thought leader can also be daunting. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Let our consulting leaders help you to make the right decisions and take the best approach for adopting open source and making the business case to your executive leadership.

Open source solutions inherently offer economies of scale and strong community support. They also offer robustness, manageability, high-performance, scalability, security, and reliability and have gained prominence and recognition.

Instaclustr has fully embraced open source technology and has experience working with customers of all sizes, across a wide range of industries through all possible use cases. Our technology strategy consultants will guide you through the process to assess and select the right technologies for your use case and requirements. We will help you identify potential blockers to success and strategies to minimize risk for adopting open source for your organization or application.

Our open source strategy engagements typically include the following:

  • Environment discovery: We will determine the drivers and needs for adopting open source technologies and solutions. We will take time to understand your environment and define clear requirements.
  • Open source maturity assessment: We will assess your organization’s maturity against our open source adoption model to provide a baseline from which a strategic plan can be developed.
  • Planning: We can help with a range of recommendations and detailed planning for adopting an “open source first” strategy for the business.
Solution Architecture

Are you kicking off a new project and looking to renew and modernize your system architecture for global scale, high availability, and performance? Or are you starting a new initiative and looking to deliver your killer app with the most modern and cutting-edge data layer solutions?

Our consulting team has helped architect the data layer of some of the world’s leading most scalable applications.

Our solution architects bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that you can leverage to rapidly design a solution that will give you the performance, security, scale, and availability that are demanded of true global scale enterprise solutions.

Our team can work with you to:

  • Define a solution architecture that aligns with your specific use case and business requirements.
  • Provide best practice and practical solutions for proven integration and design patterns that align with your needs.
  • Design and implement Proof-of-Concept (PoC) solutions to explore and validate decision points.
Health Checks

Designed to help customers who already have an application built and deployed using one of our supported open source technologies, and are looking for assurance that the system is architected, tuned, and configured in accordance with best practice.

Our health checks are designed to ensure that your cluster is configured and tuned for performance, secure, scalability, and high availability.

Some of the key outcomes from this engagement include:

  • Increased surety that your cluster will cope with future demand.
  • Identification of opportunities for improved performance and reliability.
  • Potential reductions in spend through identification of the most efficient underlying infrastructure.
  • Increased understanding of technology and related best practices.
Operational Review

Are you managing your own open source clusters? Then you most likely have a suite of Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) and related processes and assets in place, providing documented steps and detailed notes to perform the core operational tasks required to manage and monitor your cluster.

Your team may well have it all covered. Your processes and procedures could be aligned with best practice. Wouldn’t it be great to have an independent review to confirm that this is the case?

Instaclustr has extensive experience managing thousands of performant, secure, scalable, and highly available clusters and can provide independent assurance that your operational processes are sound, and where we find that they are not, we will provide guidance and recommendations for improvement.

We can also help if you are starting from scratch. Whatever the results of our review, you will be left with confidence that your operational processes are sound and in accordance with best practice and aligned with our extensive experience in managing clusters with the highest requirements of performance, reliability, and availability.

Migration to Open Source

Instaclustr has extensive experience in helping our customers migrate away from locked-in and costly licensed products, to pure open source Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Redis, PostgreSQL, and Elasticsearch.

This consulting package provides all the checks, the preps, and the steps required for a zero downtime, and headache free migration. It also provides alternative solutions for efficiently handling all monitoring, backup, and repair operations. Our “Closed Source to Open Source” migration packages are based on extensive experience and hundreds of migrations for our customers away from locked-in open core products.

Are you contemplating deploying on the Instaclustr Managed Platform? Well you won’t need this package, this migration is included as part of your transition to our platform. However, if you are looking to continue to self manage your clusters, we can help you with a zero downtime migration.

Technology Kickstarter Package

Designed for organizations that are looking to adopt any of our supported open source technologies, or are about to start with their first implementation, the Instaclustr Kickstarter Packages provide an efficient, streamlined approach for evaluating open source technologies and ensuring that they are a good fit for your intended application and use case.

Our Kickstarter Packages provide you with the information you need to get started on the right path and to gain access to our seasoned experts to help you keep on that path. Our Kickstarter Packages will provide you with hands-on insight into the value of the technology stack and its usage in the application development.

Our Kickstarter Packages include the following:

  • Free cluster: Access to an Instaclustr development cluster for a period of 3 months to help you kickstart your hands-on work.
  • Discovery session: Our team will conduct an initial discovery session of your environment and objectives.
  • Knowledge transfer: An introductory training session on core concepts, including specific subjects relevant to your environment and objectives.
  • Follow up Q&A sessions: Follow-up Q&A sessions with our expert consultant to help you design and build your application and data model.
  • General guidance: Instaclustr’s expert consultant will also be available throughout the engagement to provide guidance and advice.
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