We are the first hosted Cassandra service provider to meet the SOC 2 standards, ensuring that your data integrity is always protected and meeting the highest possible industry standards.

How we manage security

The internationally recognized SOC 2 standard is a set of compliance requirements verifying the security practices of service providers and other companies storing sensitive customer data in the cloud. To achieve compliance, Instaclustr underwent an independent technical audit to assess its policies and procedures in accordance with three trust principles: Security, Availability, and Confidentiality

While Security is a mandatory component of the audit, Instaclustr chose to include the optional Availability and Confidentiality criteria to further demonstrate to customers our strong data security capabilities.

With this designation, Instaclustr becomes the first – and currently the only – hosted Cassandra service provider to provide a security environment audited to meet the SOC 2 standards of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

SOC 2 compliance is now part of Instaclustr’s formal security program which includes regular independent penetration testing and participation in a bug-bounty program to encourage third-party reporting of potential security issues.

Our security program has been designed around a methodology that includes security considerations in our design, continually reviewing and testing, monitoring the environment and having a suitable response capability.

Further to our SOC 2 certification, clients can also achieve HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance using Instaclustr services.

You can download our security features overview for further detail here.

Instaclustr Open Source Cassandra Security

Cluster Security

  • Each cluster is created in a separate network environment with no shared instances
  • Encrypted EBS (using client controlled keys) supported for AWS & disk encryption on by default for GCP and Azure.
  • Internode encryption (with cluster-specific certs) enabled by default
  • Client controlled firewall whitelist
  • Use private IPs to connect to Cassandra and Spark in your cluster (using VPC peering in AWS and similar approaches in other providers)

Security in our Management Console

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Per-user access keys are separately available for our provisioning and monitoring APIs with the provisioning API disabled by default
  • Sensitive data is encrypted before being stored in our management database
Internet of things Instaclustr

Security in our Operations Environment

  • All admin access to customer clusters is via two-stage bastion server using short-lived SSH certs for customer node access
  • All admin access to customer nodes logged including any commands issued via CQLSH and traceable to incident or request ticket
  • An Intrusion Detection System monitors all servers
  • A management tool, icadmin, is used as the preferred method of undertaking operations on customer cluster rather than manual configuration changes

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