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Instaclustr Managed Platform in the Cloud

We help you focus on building reliable applications at scale by fully operating and supporting your data infrastructure in the cloud.

    Managed Platform Features

    The Instaclustr Managed Platform is available on the world’s leading cloud providers. Our system provides a range of preselected configurations for each of our supported open source data technologies. These are designed to make the most efficient use of your cloud infrastructure availability and provide you with the best price/performance for your infrastructure spend.

    Work With Your Cloud Provider of Choice
    Cloud providers
    • AWS Cloud

      Get fully managed and integrated Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, OpenSearch, and other open source data technologies on AWS cloud infrastructure.

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    • Google Cloud

      Make the best use of GCP availability and get the best price/performance for your GCP infrastructure spend.

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    • Azure Cloud

      Deploy advanced managed data infrastructure capabilities to Azure regions and data centers with node types tuned for performance and price.

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    • IBM Cloud

      IBM Cloud bare metal offers excellent value for money on a cost per unit and performance basis.

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    • DigitalOcean

      Deploy advanced managed data infrastructure capabilities in Digital Ocean.

    • Vault Cloud

      Secure, sovereign, community cloud for Australian government and critical infrastructure.

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    Flexible Cloud Deployment Options

    Public Cloud

    We offer AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, Vault Cloud, and Digital Ocean infrastructure deployment on our Managed Platform with an option to run in our cloud provider account or run in your own account.


    On our Managed Platform, you can choose different public cloud services—from multiple providers to achieve best-of-breed results. We offer data autonomy and geographical redundancies to support your organization’s multi-cloud strategy.

    Private Cloud

    Our private cloud Managed Platform solutions offer many of the same cloud deployment benefits on your own infrastructure. We take full responsibility for managing your open source technologies while you manage the compute and network infrastructure for your cluster.

    Hybrid Cloud

    You can take full advantage of both public and private cloud environments and adjust your model to reap the greatest benefits from available cloud infrastructure.

    Spin up a cluster in minutes