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Open Source or Open Core in Your Data Layer? What Needs to Be Evaluated Before Diving In

About This Webinar

Most organizations considering open source and open core cloud technologies as part of their all-important data stack understand they need to rigorously evaluate the software’s licensing terms and gauge the long-term health of its community and ecosystem. What still happens less frequently – but is just as crucial to these risk assessments – is developing a thorough understanding of the business models governing the commercial organizations attached to each data-layer technology being considered. You must discern the underlying motivations of the vendors or technology providers you depend on to deliver or support open source data-layer software (as well as those vendors with strong influence over its development and maintenance). By acutely understanding these incentives, you can identify if, where, and how they may map to possible risks to your enterprise’s adoption and ongoing open source implementation. Don’t limit the assessment to licenses and community health — although both are still very key variables.

What You Will Learn:

This session will discuss specifics on what you need to look for and consider when vetting open source data technologies in the cloud as offered by:

  • Businesses using OSS as the foundation of their own intellectual property
  • Businesses that maintain total control offer the OSS they offer
  • Major cloud providers

Who Should Attend:

  • CTO / Business leaders
  • VP of Data or Infrastructure
  • Director of Data Platforms
  • Data Engineers


Anil Inamdar
VP and Global Head of Open Data Solutions

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