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Running Open Source PostgreSQL on EC2 vs AWS RDS: Choosing the Right Database Infrastructure

In the dynamic environment of cloud computing, selecting the optimal database infrastructure is crucial for organizations seeking efficient and scalable solutions. This webinar digs into the decision-making process of running open-source PostgreSQL on AWS EC2 versus AWS RDS. We aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the considerations involved and assist participants in making informed choices fit to their specific needs.

During the webinar, we will explore the details of deploying PostgreSQL on AWS EC2, offering unparalleled control over configuration and optimization. Additionally, we will go through the simplicity and managed services provided by AWS RDS, emphasizing automated maintenance tasks and ease of scalability.

Key topics include a comparative analysis of performance, security, and maintenance aspects between the two deployment options. We will discuss the trade-offs associated with EC2’s flexibility and RDS’s managed environment, allowing attendees to grasp the implications on resource utilization, cost, and overall operational efficiency.

Who should attend:

This webinar is essential for database administrators, database engineers, and anyone who is involved in making decisions on infrastructure.

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