Instaclustr provides a wide range of education, training, and knowledge transfer services. We specialize in delivering bespoke training solutions for our customers in our supported technologies for architects, developers, and operators of open source solutions. 

Open Source Training, Anywhere, Anytime

Instaclustr delivers a diverse range of specialized and advanced training courses for our customers. 

We deliver tailored and customized training packages that are flexible in content and delivery methods. 

Our learning platform provides a deep interactive experience for all participants and is suitable for architects, developers, and operators of our supported technologies. Review our training packages below, or get in touch for a custom engagement.

Training Solutions

Our training focuses on the true open source versions of the technologies that we support. 

Our training solutions are focused in three key areas: 

  • Customized Training Solutions: For our customers we provide tailored training solutions for the full range of our supported technologies, for architects, developers, and operators.   
  • Standard Workshops: We deliver a suite of standard workshops that cover deep learning for our core technologies: Cassandra, Kafka, Spark, Elasticsearch, and Redis. 
  • Instaclustr Certified Training: We also have online training and a certification program with learning paths for individuals looking to further develop their knowledge and advance their career.

We can work with you to create and deliver a fully customized training program to align with your learning requirements and operational environment.

  • Range of Technologies: Select one, several, or all of our supported technologies: Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, Apache Spark, and Redis.
  • Architect, Developer, and/or Operator: We can concentrate our training on operations, design, and architecture, or administrator and operations. Or any combination of these roles.
  • Delivery Methods: We can conduct training on-site, online, or in combination, with a few participants though to 100. We can also deliver the courses in part-day or full day format.

We deliver a number of standard workshops for our customers for the open source data layer technologies that we support.

  • Apache Cassandra Training: We have standard packages for Cassandra development, administration, and operations.
  • Apache Kafka Training: We ofter user and administrative training packages for Apache Kafka and for Kafka Connect.
  • Elasticsearch Training: We offer user and operations training for Open Distro for Elasticsearch so that you can get the most out of your Elasticsearch and Kibana deployments.

The Instaclustr Certified Training program provides certified learning pathways and recognition for knowledge and demonstrated capability with the world’s most scalable and leading open source data layer technologies.

  • Open Source Architect: A series of training modules for designing and architecting global-scale applications on the most significant open data layer technologies.
  • Open Source Developer: A series of training modules and hands-on development activities designed to create proficiency in developing applications and solutions that can make use of a data layer with highly scalable data storage, search, streaming, and analytics capabilities.
  • Open Source Operator: A series of training modules and hands-on activities that teach and test the key administration and operational activities that are necessary for ensuring the performance, availability, and scalability of an open source data layer and its supporting infrastructure.