Instaclustr Releases Service Broker to Seamlessly Integrate Customers’ Kubernetes Applications within the Instaclustr Open-Source-as-a-Service Platform
June 24, 2019

Redwood City, California – June 21, 2019 Instaclustr, the leading provider of fully managed solutions for scalable open source technologies, today announced the availability of the Instaclustr Service Broker. The new release enables customers to easily integrate their containerized applications, or cloud native applications, with open source data-layer technologies provided by the Instaclustr Managed Platform – including Apache Cassandra and Apache Kafka. Doing so enables organizations’ cloud native applications to leverage key capabilities of the Instaclustr platform such as automated service discovery, provisioning, management, and deprovisioning of data-layer clusters. The Instaclustr Service Broker is an implementation of the Open Service Broker (OSB) API, the project advancing a standardized approach to connecting services with container orchestration platforms and cloud-native applications.

Enterprises are increasingly utilizing container orchestration solutions to create cloud-native applications that are more portable, deployable, manageable, and scalable. Kubernetes, the most popular and near-ubiquitous container orchestrator, maintains a catalogue of Service Brokers where each Service Broker exposes a set of APIs for enabling integrations between applications and external services. At the same time, enterprises are also turning to proven, 100% open source data-layer solutions to rapidly and securely build, deploy, and support their cloud-native applications while avoiding vendor lock-in. Given these trends, Service Brokers adhering to the standardized OSB API specification – and enabling enterprises to quickly connect their applications with cloud services and providers – have become an increasingly popular strategy.

With the release of the Instaclustr Service Broker, customers can now connect any containerized application running on Kubernetes or other container orchestrators directly into the Instaclustr Managed Platform. Importantly, this can all be done programmatically or by using management tools within the Kubernetes framework. By doing so, organizations are freed from the challenges of manually setting up services themselves, or creating and maintaining non-standard scripts to provide applications with awareness of running clusters.

“As more of our customers begin to take advantage of cloud-native applications and microservice architectures, we’re excited to introduce the Instaclustr Service Broker as a way of provisioning and managing Instaclustr clusters,” said Ben Slater, CPO, Instaclustr. “Together with our Kubernetes operator, we’re committed to providing the best tools and capabilities for combining container solutions with the powerful open source data-layer technologies we support.”

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