Instaclustr’s Stefan Miklosovic Becomes the Newest Apache Cassandra Committer
May 17, 2021

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – May 17, 2021 – Instaclustr, delivering reliability at scale through its fully managed platform for open source data technologies, today announced that Stefan Miklosovic has been named a committer to the open source Apache Cassandra project. Invited and voted in by the Apache Cassandra Project Management Committee (PMC), committers have write-access to the open source database’s repositories and resources.

Miklosovic, an Instaclustr software engineer, assumes the new role ahead of the Cassandra 4.0 GA release that is expected soon. The most tested, mature, feature-rich, and production-ready release of the NoSQL database yet, Cassandra 4.0 will deliver enhanced performance, stability and auditing capabilities. Instaclustr will provide a fully managed version of the open source database. Miklosovic has also been a key contributor and maintainer for Instaclustr’s own open source tools for Apache Cassandra and has recently updated these tools for Cassandra 4.0 compatibility.

“Apache Cassandra is a uniquely powerful open source project backed by an incredibly talented and passionate open source community,” said Miklosovic. “The database is trusted by nearly half of the Fortune 100, myriad organizations across industries, and countless startups who require a highly available, scalable, and performant data store. I’m truly honored to be voted in as a project committer alongside peers who share a belief in the power of open source technologies, their communities, and Cassandra. I look forward to working with the Apache Cassandra PMC and helping to grow the project even further.”

“We are incredibly proud of Stefan on his appointment as a Cassandra committer,” said Ben Bromhead, Chief Technology Officer, Instaclustr. “Stefan has always believed in the power of pure open source technologies and the communities that work tirelessly to support them. From Linux development to JBoss engineering, to joining Instaclustr, much of Stefan’s career has revolved around open source. We’ve continually been impressed with his dedication and skill as a Cassandra contributor, and he is absolutely deserving of his new role as a project committer.”

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