Managed Services on Amazon Web Services

Fully managed and integrated Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, and other open source data layer technologies on AWS cloud infrastructure.

Managed Services on AWS

Our managed services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) power mission-critical, highly available applications. With Instaclustr handling the operational management of key data layer technologies, our customers are able to focus their efforts on developing and improving business applications, as well as more quickly executing other customer engagement priorities.

Our managed platform provides a range of preselected configurations for each of our supported technologies. These are designed to make the best use of AWS availability and provide you with the best price/performance for your AWS infrastructure spend.

Run in Your Own Account or Ours

Many of our customers choose to run their clusters in an AWS account owned by Instaclustr for an all-inclusive monthly fee.

This approach is ideal for many customers as it provides the simplest onboarding and start-up experience. It also ensures that all variables impacting the availability of the managed service are within Instaclustr’s control.

Many of our larger customers use their own AWS account to provision the cluster and then use the Instaclustr Managed Platform for the operational management of those clusters, including the comprehensive expert technical support that comes with the platform.

Running in your own account can provide benefits around AWS cost management and more connectivity options (such as AWS Direct Connect).

Run in your own account is not directly available from our Management Console but can be set up by reaching out to [email protected].

Key Points

AWS Credits and Discounts

Maintain access to your AWS volume-tier discounts.

Ownership and Control

Greater comfort of ownership and access to data in the cluster.

Customized to Your Use Case

Ensure custom implementations around advanced security scenarios (such as VPNs, direct connections).

AWS Cassandra

The most popular NoSQL database, Apache Cassandra, is widely deployed in the AWS cloud. If you require high throughput and cost-effective deployment, running your Cassandra cluster on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a smart, enterprise-proven choice.

AWS Kafka

Apache Kafka is the open source technology for building real-time streaming data pipelines and applications. You can easily create highly available clusters using our predefined settings and configurations that are based on best practices.

AWS Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch—the fast, scalable resilient and highly flexible distributed search and analytics engines—can be deployed, secured, and operated at scale with zero downtime.

AWS VPC Peering

A VPC peering connection is a networking connection between two VPCs that enables you to route traffic between them privately. Instaclustr supports VPC peering as a mechanism for connecting directly to your Instaclustr managed cluster. VPC peering allows you to access your cluster via a private IP and makes a much more secure network setup.

Available Amazon EC2 Instance Type

Instance type determines the hardware of the host computer used for your instance, each type offers different compute, memory, and storage capabilities. Choosing the right instance for your workload is an important factor for successful application deployment.

There are 100s of AWS EC2 instances and it is a major challenge for technology teams to pick the most suitable one for their business application. Instaclustr has made this process easier for our customers by reducing that list to only a handful of instance types for each technology. Behind the scenes, we have performed thorough benchmarking on various combinations of AWS resources, and have come up with a much shorter list of instance types to suit almost every requirement our customers have. As we discover real-world use cases that do not have a suitable instance type option available on the Instaclustr platform, we explore, experiment, benchmark, and add support for new instance types to meet customer needs. To view the full list of Amazon EC2 instance types available on Instaclustr platform log on to our management console.

To View Detailed On-Demand, Infrastructure Inclusive Pricing, Signup to Our Console. 

For information on running in your account or other pricing schemes please contact us to discuss further.

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