Managed Cassandra

Instaclustr provides a fully managed service for Apache Cassandra®—SOC 2 certified and hosted on AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, or on-prem.

We customize and optimize the configuration of your cluster so you can focus on your applications.

Managed Cassandra Features

Access the scalable power of the world’s leading NoSQL database. Open source and fully managed on AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud.

With over 70 million node hours and 7 petabytes of data under management Instaclustr is the market leader for managed and hosted Apache Cassandra.

Our fully hosted and managed solution frees you to focus on your applications.

Get Cassandra fully managed and hosted on all major clouds, in our cloud account or yours.

Our comprehensive management includes deployment, configuration, ongoing maintenance, upgrades, monitoring, and support. All you need to do is use Cassandra.

Receive prompt and definitive technical support and advice from our technical operations and support staff in the USA and Australia who are available to you at all times.

Instaclustr has many years of experience providing Cassandra support and has Cassandra experts and consultants on staff capable of solving any issue.

Our industry leading availability and latency SLAs for Cassandra set us apart. Enterprise deployments have a 99.99% SLA.

Managing many tens of millions of Cassandra node hours for the better part of the last decade we have the deep expertise required to deliver the highest levels of service.

Instaclustr’s solutions and processes are independently audited and certified against the Service Organisation Control – Type 2 (SOC 2) standards.

These regular audits assure the security, confidentiality, integrity, privacy, and availability of your data.

We built and open sourced the LDAP and Kerberos authentication frameworks for Cassandra. If you need to use Cassandra in enterprise settings Instaclustr has the leading expertise in these integrations.

Easily deploy Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant Cassandra on AWS by selecting this option in our console.

Contact us about HIPAA compliant options for health data.

We collect and monitor hundreds of different metrics from every node we manage, so we can proactively oversee your cluster and you get easy access to the Cassandra metrics needed to effectively maintain your application.

The Instaclustr Managed Platform includes a Terraform Provider for our managed services. It provides a flexible set of resources for provisioning and managing Instaclustr based clusters via the use of Terraform.

If you’d like to know more you can read about the Terraform Provider on our blog, or you can dive right into the examples on GitHub.

At Instaclustr you are never locked-in because everything we do is open source. Our Apache Cassandra is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Additionally, the security plugins, monitoring tools, Cassandra Kafka Connector, and Cassandra Kubernetes Operator we have built for the community are all open source.

Read more about our Open Source Commitment.

We have open sourced our Cassandra Connector for Kafka Connect. This allows anyone to seamlessly connect Cassandra to event-driven Kafka architectures.

This connector is bundled with our Managed Kafka Connect.

Easily add Managed Apache Spark to your Cassandra deployment through our console.

Instaclustr Managed Apache Spark provides a reliable platform, collocated with your Apache Cassandra data store, to leverage the power of Apache Spark for stream or batch analytics.

We support both Run In Your Own Account (RIYOA) and Run In Instaclustr’s Account (RIIA) for our Managed Cassandra.

On our managed platform, Cassandra can be provisioned on AWS, GCP, and Azure and is bundled up with a host of additional features ready for enterprise deployment.

Benefits of Managed Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is the world’s leading NoSQL database. Serving billions of customers daily it is a key element in the success of many global enterprises and services.

Instaclustr makes the power of Cassandra easy to consume. We customize and optimize the configuration of your cluster so that you can receive all the benefits of our fully managed and hosted Cassandra service on AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, or in your private data center.

Cassandra is proven to scale from small clusters all the way through to servicing the needs of hyperscale companies with billions of customers.

With Instaclustr you can easily take advantage of this to scale the capacity of your cluster up as you grow, or to handle bursting workloads.

Scaling goes both ways: we’ve helped customers scale down to reduce costs.

Apache Cassandra is highly performant and delivers low latency responses for your workloads.

We have optimized the configuration of Cassandra for our supported environments, so you can efficiently achieve low latency and high throughput.

Cassandra, by design, provides continuous availability. We use that to offer our customers zero downtime migrations.

Our Cassandra configurations are tuned for reliability, performance, and security based years of experience operating tens of millions of node hours for customers in every sector.

We offer optimal instance types and configurations on each cloud.

Cassandra performs best when you use it intelligently.

Our system monitors your schema and Cassandra usage and reports findings on a health check page to help you apply best practice usage of Cassandra.

Cassandra’s masterless cluster architecture allows it to scale massively.

With Instaclustr you don’t have to think about any of the tricky cluster configurations. We have done all the hard work so that you can spin up a production-ready cluster within minutes.

Apache Cassandra is open source under the Apache 2.0 License and the project is governed by the Apache Software Foundation.

This provides customers with a clear roadmap and a community of no lock-in vendors, experts, and training providers for an enterprise-class software project.

Instaclustr enables our Cassandra instances to scale rapidly, easily, and fully optimized for performance and cost

Brett Orr, General Manager, Bigmate

Enterprise Grade and Production Ready Certified Apache Cassandra

Enterprise-Grade and Production-Ready Certified Apache Cassandra

The technology test plan for Apache Cassandra developed by our Open Source team—as part of our latest Instaclustr Certification for Open Source Software—provides assurance that specific releases of Apache Cassandra have been tested across a range of functional, performance, and integration properties prior to being enabled on the Instaclustr Managed Platform for deployment in a production environment.


Cassandra Performance Benchmark

We perform regular benchmarks to track the performance of new versions of Apache Cassandra on multiple cloud platforms and new instance types.

Understanding performance behaviour for Cassandra under varied conditions is critical.  Our benchmarking gives us a substantial data set over time which can be mined for performance insights to ensure Instaclustr managed Cassandra clusters are tuned for typical usage, and to assist with customer specific performance tuning.

Cassandra Monitoring

Our Cassandra Monitoring API enables access to Apache Cassandra performance metrics including CPU utilization, disk utilization, reads and writes, latency tasks, pending compactions, live cells and tombstones per read, SSTable, thread pool task statistics, and more.