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Apache Cassandra® NoSQL for the Relational DBA
May 17, 2023

After nearly two decades as a SQL database administrator, Instaclustr Professional Services Consultant Lewis DiFelice discovered that he would suddenly be taking over his company’s 40-node NoSQL Apache Cassandra® cluster and he had to learn – fast. 

In this Thought Leadership white paper, join Lewis as he reflects on his experience of making the abrupt change from SQL to NoSQL, the key technological differences between the two, and a thorough – and often humorous – critical roadmap of the challenges to expect (and the ruinous mishaps to avoid) when adopting Apache Cassandra, all taken directly from Lewis’ own experiences. 

Discover the key concepts of Apache Cassandra (complete with an added glossary) including: 

  • Installing and operating Cassandra 
  • Cassandra Query Language (CQL) 
  • CQLSH commands 
  • Cassandra nodetool, tombstones, and repairs 
  • And so much more 

Download the white paper today! 


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