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Apache Spark™, Apache Kafka®, and Apache Cassandra® Powering Intelligent Applications
November 29, 2021


The power of Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is well known as the database of choice for powering the most scalable, reliable architectures available. Deployed with Apache Spark and Apache Kafka, these technologies give developers the building blocks needed to build reliable, scalable and intelligent applications that adapt based on the data they collect.

Add the power of Spark and Kafka

Apache Spark is the state-of-the-art advanced and scalable analytics engine. The powerful analytics capabilities and distributed architecture of Apache Spark is the perfect engine to help you make sense and make decisions based on the data you’re receiving from your IoT devices. Apache Kafka is a leading stream processing engine for scale and reliability.

This paper discusses the use cases, architectural pattern and operations considerations for these technologies deployed together to deliver intelligent application.

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