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Expert PostgreSQL Consulting Services

Let us help build your application on the world’s leading object-relational database system and create the best solution for your business.
Covering all stages of your project lifecycle
Instaclustr offers a range of consulting services designed to help you accelerate your adoption of PostgreSQL and other open source technologies.
  • Deploy PostgreSQL With Confidence

    We provide comprehensive consulting services that cover all areas of the commercial use of PostgreSQL®, from the initial planning through to go-live. Our team of expert consultants are also ready to assist in all areas of PostgreSQL support and database migrations, including from Oracle to PostgreSQL database.

  • A Methodical Approach

    We recognize the benefits of taking a methodical approach to product development and are dedicated to working closely with you to assist at each lifecycle stage that your application will pass through and meet your business requirements.

  • Be Guided by Experts

    Our customers come to us when they need expert and independent advice about their PostgreSQL deployment no matter the platform: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS or on-premise with the Instaclustr managed platform. Looking to scope a fully tailored project or have a specific requirement? Simply fill out the form and let our experts guide you.

PostgreSQL consulting service packages
We have the most hands-on experience in open source technologies. Select any one of our consulting packages and experience the benefits of our methodical approach.
  • PostgreSQL Health Checks

    Can open source technologies meet your business needs and create sustainable value for your operations? With our PostgreSQL Health Checks, you will know for sure.

    Within this package, you can design and implement proof of concept projects to explore and validate your decision to use open source technologies and gain confidence that you made the right choices.

  • Onboarding Review Package

    This package is designed especially for our customers moving their cluster to the Instaclustr Managed Platform or engaging with Enterprise Support Services.

    The package provides you access to our consulting team to conduct a detailed review of your PostgreSQL usage and plan zero downtime migration of your application to our managed platform.

  • Bespoke

    Not sure where to start?

    Don't worry. Many of our customers and their database administrators have trouble figuring out where to begin. No matter where you are in the project lifecycle, our team will quickly discover exactly where to get started.

    Contact our PostgreSQL experts about scoping a fully tailored project to meet all your specific requirements.

Ready to experience our consulting services for PostgreSQL?

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Our methodology
  • Evaluate
    We can help you evaluate and select the right suite of open source data management technologies to most effectively implement your ideas.
  • Design
    Once you have selected your technology baseline, we can help with designing an efficient and effective data model and processing mechanisms to underpin your application.
  • Deploy
    We can help you work through specifying your deployment infrastructure and implementing suitable operational processes and capabilities.
  • Operate
    To ensure you’re capable of operating in a continuous and efficient manner, we can provide guidance on effective monitoring, ongoing maintenance procedures, and operation guides.

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