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Fully managed and integrated Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch and other core open source technologies.

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Managed Solutions on AWS

Our Managed AWS solutions power mission-critical, highly available applications for our customers, enabling them to concentrate on the development of their business applications and engagement with their customers.

Our system provides a range of preselected configurations for each of our supported technologies. These are designed to make the best use of AWS availability and provide you the best price/performance for your AWS infrastructure spend.

Run In Your Own Account

For many of our customers the Instaclustr managed service is all inclusive and the clusters are run from within an AWS account owned by Instaclustr.

This approach is ideal for many users as it provides the simplest onboarding and start-up experience as well as ensuring the all the elements that can impact availability of the managed service are within Instaclustr’s control.

Many of our larger customers use their own AWS account to provision the AWS resources for their managed cluster in their own account.

Running in your own AWS account does require additional manual set-up work compared to a regular Instaclustr managed environment.

Run in your own account is not directly available from our dashboard but must be arranged through

Key Points

  1. AWS Credits and Discounts – Maintain access to your AWS volume-tier discounts and similar schemes.
  2. Ownership and Control –  Greater comfort of ownership and access to data in the cluster.
  3. Enables Customization –  Facilitates custom implementations for some advanced security scenarios (such as VPNs, direct connections).

To view detailed on-demand, infrastructure inclusive pricing, signup to our console. For information on running in your account or other pricing schemes please contact us via the form to discuss further.

24/7 Expert Support

Customer support delivered by our specialist on-call support engineers with thousands of hours of DevOps experience with Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark and complementary technologies.

Monitoring & Alerting

Node monitoring and alerting for events of interest including performance and latency, disk capacity and node responsiveness. Customized alerting is also possible through our monitoring architecture.

Zero Outage Migrations

We work with you as part of our service to migrate your data from an existing self-managed environment to the Instaclustr managed environment with zero outage and continued availability throughout the process.

Backups & Snapshots

We schedule off-node backups of all data on a daily basis and these are available for restoration in the event of a significant disaster in your cluster.

Updates & Patch Management

Our high-availability architecture ensures continuous operations even through node upgrades and database version upgrades. We also provide continued monitoring and testing of your nodes, applying patch and security updates as required. All with zero downtime.

Health Checks & Repairs

We regularly assess the health of your cluster both through our automated systems and manual checks. Where we detect issues, we either undertake repairs (often with our automated operations tooling), or provide advice for you to address them where they relate to your application’s usage of Apache Cassandra.



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