Managed Apache Cassandra

Instaclustr provides a hosted and fully managed service for Apache Cassandra on AWS, Azure, GCP and Softlayer.

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Cassandra as a Service

Apache Cassandra is the database of choice for applications requiring the highest levels of scalability and reliability. Cassandra provides the rock solid foundation for global services for companies such as Apple, Instagram and Uber so you know you can rely on it for your application.

With Instaclustr, you can leave the management, monitoring and maintenance of Apache Cassandra and the underlying infrastructure to the experts.

Our customers use our service because they:

  • Want to focus development resources and efforts on their app and core business,
  • Need to get it right the first time by using experts in Cassandra,
  • Have an existing investment in Cassandra that need some help to stabilise their environment,
  • Are looking to adopt and use Cassandra, but haven’t got time to navigate the new tech curve.

Solution Details

Unparalleled Experience

Instaclustr has well over 10 million node-hours of experience running Apache Cassandra. This experience is embedded into our management systems and operational processes to provide the most reliable way to run Cassandra in the cloud.

Monitoring Built-in

Our console provides immediate access to the monitoring statistics that you need to understand your cluster. These seem monitoring statistics are exposed through a REST API to allow integration into a single view of your stack.

Provisioning API

Integrated the creation and tear-down of Cassandra clusters with your CI/CD infrastructure using our provisioning API.

Dynamic Scaling

Instaclustr’s system can scale the processing capacity of your cluster to up to 10x up or down in minutes, providing capacity when needed to deal with burst loads and scaling down in the quiet times to save costs.

Optimized Configurations

Instaclustr selects instance types and configurations that are well suited to running Cassandra and then develops tuned operating system and Cassandra configurations to take advantage of the underlying infrastructure. This saves you time on tuning and money on infrastructure costs.

Zero Outage Migrations

We work with you, following a process proven over many customer migrations, to migrate your data from an existing self-managed environment to the Instaclustr environment with zero outage and continued availability throughout the process.

Predictable Pricing. No Licence Fees.

We exclusively run open source software technologies, that means you save as there are no license fees in our costs.

It is your choice to run in our cloud provider account and have all inclusive pricing, or you can operate in your own account and there is only our service fees charged.

To view detailed on-demand, infrastructure inclusive pricing, signup to our console. For information on running in your account or other pricing schemes please contact us via the form to discuss further.

Pricing FAQs

What determines the price that I pay for your service?

There are several variables that determine the price you pay for our services.  These variables include:

  • Choice of infrastructure or cloud provider(s)
  • Region(s) or data center(s) selected
  • Selected product types for your service
  • Whether you choose to use your own cloud provider account or run in our account
  • Annual or monthly payment plan
  • Use of add-on services and technologies
  • Custom or standard service level agreements and support arrangements

To determine your needs and to establish a true indication of your estimated costs, signup to our service through our dashboard and select deployment options that are relevant for your organization.

If you want some help in determining what is the right deployment for your capability, please email us on

What costs are included?

It all depends on if you are running in our cloud provider account, we call this Run In Our Account (RIOA) or your own account, Run In Your Own Account (RIYOA).

For RIOA we manage the underlying infrastructure costs so the price that you pay is all-inclusive (compute, bandwidth and storage).   

For all RIYOA subscriptions we charge you a service fee based on the size of your deployment for our managed services.  You are responsible for your own cloud provider infrastructure costs.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. For Run-In-Your-Own Account customers you automatically gain access to volume price tiers as the size of your managed service increases.  For Run-In-Our-Account customers volume discounts may be offered on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact us at if you would like to discuss larger deployments with us.

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