Total cost of ownership

Enterprise-quality open source is cheaper than the alternatives, on-premises or in the cloud.
Total Cost of Ownership
  • Total Cost of Ownership

    Total Cost of Ownership

Why open source
  • We All Use Open Source Every Day, Often for Free

    The browser you are using right now to read this is open source, or derived from it. Open source software like Linux has been key to the success of Google, Facebook, Android, Amazon, and many other services used by billions around the world.

    At Instaclustr we take this reality and apply it to the data infrastructure supporting your applications. We offer customers massively scalable open source technologies—for cache, storage, search, analytics—that are pure open source. They can scale to three machines to thousands of machines; open source lets the pricing scale to underpin your business.

  • Customer Choice Lowers Costs

    A key element to the open source price equation is that the customer has options with pure open source, and this creates price competition.

    Proprietary software, or “open core” models that are effectively proprietary because they mix proprietary software into the offering, only have one vendor with a lot of friction and lock-in. Prices and support suffers in these relationships because there is no incentive to be better.

  • Managed Open Source Is Hard to Beat

    With no lock-in, we compete on price and customer satisfaction. You can quickly spin up and scale up powerful open source solutions on all the major clouds that are backed by our industry-leading SLAs and 24×7 support.

    Managed services are not just about installing the software. It’s about the time required to update and upgrade, security patching, tuning, best practices, on-call staffing rosters for round-the-clock support and responsiveness. It’s also about being able to escalate issue to world-class experts and engineers capable of patching the projects in question. That’s just for one capability, we offer many, the FTE equivalent of doing it in-house is more expensive by an order of magnitude.

  • On-Premises Can Be Cheaper

    Managed services in the cloud are great but we aren’t opposed to people doing it in-house. If your customers are in one place and you aren’t expecting to require large amounts of elastic loads, like a government in one region with a fairly fixed population, on-premises solutions can offer massive savings.

    Because our solutions are 100% open source, what we run in the cloud is the same as what you will be running on-premises so we offer our support and experts to on-premises customers. That way you can get the on-premises infrastructure savings and get 24×7 deep support for your deployment without large FTE expansions.

    You can speak to sales about support for our products, or if you are still evaluating your options a fixed-price engagement with our consulting arm can help you define your problem and architect the best solution.

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