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Instaclustr and Baffle Partnership

Instaclustr is pleased to announce a partnership with Baffle.io to make Baffle encryption technology available to our customers as part of the Instaclustr Managed Cassandra platform.

For Instaclustr, the security of our client’s data is paramount. However, while we take all the steps we can to secure clusters managed by us, the most secure solution for any scenario is to encrypt data as close to the client as possible. Baffle’s Encryption as a Service secures Cassandra contents by providing an end-to-end encryption capability with customer-owned keys resulting in zero data loss even if there is a breach. It accomplishes this by protecting data at all times not only when it is at rest, but also when it is being processed by applications in databases; a level of data protection that surpasses what is available for traditional relational database solutions.

Instaclustr has been working with Baffle for more than 6 months to evaluate and provide feedback on their product under development. We’ve been impressed with its ease of use and its self-monitoring ability to ensure that the service is highly available.  After extensive validation, we feel that the product is ready for implementation by customers.

Instaclustr’s partnership with Baffle means that we will support use of the Baffle driver for connecting to our clusters including accepting usage of the Baffle driver for SLA coverage. Instaclustr’s support team will have a direct line to the Baffle team to help jointly resolve any issues customers may face.

Instaclustr is excited about the enhanced level of security we can deliver with Baffle and believe this will allow customers to more aggressively move to take advantages of the benefits or our Managed Cassandra Platform. Should you have any queries please contact [email protected] or [email protected].