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Okta advisory 2022

On Tuesday 23 March 2022, Instaclustr became aware of tweets that claimed that Okta had been compromised. At the time, there was little information confirming or otherwise the tweets. Instaclustr assumed that these tweets were accurate, and began a review of our Okta instance and the Instaclustr Console logs to determine whether Instaclustr had been compromised as part of this event. The Instaclustr console is the only Instaclustr system that uses Okta for Authentication. 

The Instaclustr investigation concluded that there was no evidence of a breach of our Okta instance or the Instaclustr Console. 

On the morning of 28 March, Instaclustr was informed by Okta that their investigation into the incident also determined that our instance was not affected. 

There is no action required by our customers with respect to Instaclustr systems as part of the Okta compromise.

Should you have any questions regarding Instaclustr Security, please contact us by email [email protected].

To report an active security incident, email [email protected].