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Redis™ 6.2.6 and Customer-Initiated Resize Are Now Generally Available

Instaclustr is pleased to announce the general availability of Redis version 6.2.6 on the Instaclustr Platform as well as a new feature called Customer-Initiated Resize.

Redis 6.2.6, released in October 2021, includes numerous bug fixes, security vulnerability fixes, and enhancements. For new customers, we recommend using this newly released version. For existing customers who are currently running an older version and wish to upgrade to version 6.2.6, we advise opening a support ticket to get assistance from our Tech Ops team. 

Please note that some command behavior and other changes have been introduced in Redis 6.2.x compared to 6.0.x, which can cause issues when migrating from the older release to the newer. Details are available in the release log of 6.2.x from Redis.

In other exciting news, we have now made available a new feature in Instaclustr for Redis, for customers on AWS, called Customer-Initiated Resize. This is a feature our Apache Kafka® and Elasticsearch customers will be familiar with, as it was introduced in those offerings some months ago. We will be extending it to our other supported cloud platforms and adding more features in the near future.

With this new functionality, customers have the ability to resize their clusters without needing our help, thereby improving time to resolution for such requests. With the checks and balances we’ve put in place, it is now possible for customers to resize nodes themselves in a safe manner, and without data loss or downtime. 

Customers can simply select the cluster they wish to resize and choose the new size. They will then be provided with progress updates while the resizing operation takes place. This functionality is common to the Console, Provisioning API, and Instaclustr Terraform Provider. 

Resize is currently only supported for AWS nodes which are EBS-backed, and when it comes to disks they can only be upsized and not downsized (our support team can assist if a reduction in disk size is required). You can read more about this on our support page for Redis resize.

Existing customers who would like further information about Redis resize are encouraged to get in touch with their Customer Success representative or to consult our support page. New customers, please contact our sales team.