• Apache Spark
Retiring Apache Spark™ Add-On for Instaclustr for Apache Cassandra®

NetApp announces that it is commencing the retirement process for the Apache Spark™ Add-On for Instaclustr for Apache Cassandra® with the offering closing to new customers on May 31, 2023 

This decision has been taken as an Ocean for Apache Spark on Spot by NetApp is NetApp’s ongoing and recommended offering for Apache Spark usage. It offers many advantages over Instaclustr’s existing Apache Spark solution, and we believe will be a better experience for our customers. Optimized for performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency, Ocean for Apache Spark removes the complexity for customers who want to use the best open source analytics technology. 

Support and documentation will remain in place for our customers with running Managed Spark clusters, and Instaclustr will continue to support existing customers until transition plans are jointly agreed 

Existing customers are welcome to contact the Instaclustr Support team with any questions.