Our Open Source Commitment

We are committed to delivering only open source solutions as part of our management environment. Let us share why.

Our commitment to open source is based on the real benefits that we see on a daily basis.  Open source software is developed by large communities delivering benefits such as cost, flexibility, transparency, security and technology freedom. Open source solutions have real long-term viability and are always on the cutting-edge of technology.

Open source technologies are proven in the enterprise with some of the largest deployments of NoSQL databases and related technologies being based on open source and not proprietary solutions.

Key benefits include:

  •  Crowd power.  Collective ideas and thoughts delivered through the power of many. An open exchange of ideas to many talented people provides a basis for rapid development and problem solving.
  • Cost effectiveness.  No licensing fees obviously means that the total cost of deploying an open source solution is always going to provide a more.
  • Becoming the norm.  Many large enterprises are working on an open source first policy. These companies see the benefits of deploying leading technologies with strong supporting communities.
  • Transparency.  You get to see and understand all parts of the code base and the key decisions that are made around development of features and bug fixes. We all benefit and learn when information, code and capability are all open, negating the risks associated with vendor and technology lock.
  • Based on Merit.  The best ideas will always rise to the top. There is no underlying agenda or push in a specific direction that are best for the corporation.  This ensures that the code base is generated from a basis of pure purpose and not clouded by competing agendas.
  • Community.  Open source creates a great sense of community environment formed around a common purpose and passion. The community is truly global and builds concepts and capabilities in a more rapid manner by multiplying the effort and sharing the workload.


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