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Managed Apache Cassandra on AWS

Effortlessly deploy, run, and scale the world’s most powerful NoSQL database on AWS.

    Apache Cassandra—The most popular NoSQL database

    We provide a fully managed service for your Apache Cassandra clusters hosted on AWS. If you are after high throughput and cost-effective deployment, running your Cassandra cluster on AWS can help you achieve these objectives. Our Cassandra compatible database service — fully hosted and managed — frees up your team to stop worrying about the data layer and instead focus on the unique user features of your applications.

    Create a Cassandra Cluster on AWS

    You can get started with creating and deploying a Cassandra cluster on AWS in minutes, either by logging in from the AWS Marketplace or signing up on the Instaclustr Management Console.

    Managed Apache Cassandra on AWS

    As an Instaclustr customer, you can run Managed Cassandra from within an AWS account owned by us This is an all-inclusive option available as part of our managed service, providing assurance that all the elements that could impact the availability are being managed day to day. Our Apache Cassandra compatible database service allows you ultimate flexibility, visibility into the open source Cassandra application code, and the ability to run standard Cassandra workloads using the same open source Cassandra leading enterprises to use.

    Instaclustr provides you with highly available and managed service to run Cassandra workloads that can easily be integrated with other open source solutions like Apache Kafka, Redis, and Elasticsearch.
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