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Managed Cassandra for Kong

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Managed Cassandra for your Kong deployment

Kong is a scalable, open source API layer (also known as an API gateway, or API middleware). Kong runs in front of any RESTful API and its extended Kong plugins provide additional functionalities and services beyond the core platform.

Kong uses Cassandra as its primary datastore to store any data including APIs, consumers, and plugins. Plugins themselves can use Cassandra to store persistent data (for example, rate-limiting data).

  • RESTful Interface

    Built on top of nginx, Kong can be fully operated with a simple and easy-to-use RESTful API.

  • Plugin-Oriented

    Add powerful functionality through Kong plugins in one command.

  • Platform Agnostic

    Kong can run anywhere: in the cloud or on-premises, in a single, hybrid, or multi-data center setup.

A Kong deployment has the following characteristics


Kong easily scales horizontally by simply adding more machines. This means your platform can handle virtually any load while keeping latency low.


Kong can be extended by adding new plugins, which are easily configured through a RESTful Admin API.

Runs on Any Infrastructure

Kong runs anywhere. You can deploy Kong in the cloud or on-premise environments— including single or multi-datacenter setups and for public, private, or invite-only APIs.

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