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An Architect’s Guide for Selecting Scalable Data Layer Technologies
October 28, 2021


The technology choices that provide the platform or foundation for critical business applications have a far wider and deeper reaching impact across the organization than just a specific application deployment. These choices also affect everything from hiring decisions, to how quickly customer demands and business requirements can be met.

Choosing a niche technology can draw dedicated and excited individuals, whereas, this can also lead to not being able to readily attract qualified candidates. Architects and CTOs must be especially considerate in their evaluation of how a specific technology solution delivers value, and careful of any added complexity or other drawbacks a solution may bring with it.

In this whitepaper we describe the following:

    • Challenges faced while making technology choices.
    • The basics of selecting the right technology for your application architecture.
    • Open source technologies that reside at the data-layer—when to, and when not, to use them:
      • Apache Cassandra
      • Apache Kafka
      • Apache Spark, and
      • Elasticsearch.

We also explore how and when these technologies can be used together.

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