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The Benefits of Open Source and the Risks of Open Core
October 19, 2023


Why are organizations of all sizes and industries—including 99% of Fortune 500 companies—ditching open core software in favour of 100% open source?  

Substantial cost savings, unparalleled flexibility, and a constant stream of new features and security updates are all key reasons. 

But that doesn’t tell the whole story. 

In this white paper from Instaclustr and O’Reilly, get an in-depth analysis of why so many are adopting open source solutions, and the numerous risks posed by proprietary code (or “open core”) software. 

Learn everything you want to know about open source, including: 

  • Why organizations initially find adoption daunting, and why there’s nothing to fear 
  • The long-term disadvantages and risks of using proprietary code open core as your main software 
  • Insights into the open source community and its phenomenal innovation record 
  • How to begin your open source adoption 
  • And more 

Download the free white paper and start unlocking the incredible power of open source! 

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