Doug Stuart

General Manager—Instaclustr Labs

Doug is a Co-founder and the General Manager of Instaclustr Labs, an initiative designed to grow and leverage our enabling services capabilities, capture new and innovative ideas, and extract value from our extensive deep technical experience and body of knowledge. Before this role, Doug led the marketing division at Instaclustr.

Prior to Instaclustr, Doug was a Co-founder of Stratsec, a world-class, highly awarded and recognized cybersecurity consulting, testing, and research firm, which was acquired by BAE Systems in 2011. Stratsec was awarded Telstra Business of the Year in 2010. Doug has also been recognized as a leading entrepreneur in the industry through the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Program in 2010.

Doug Stuart

Doug's Articles

Instaclustr Insights: Meet Paul Aubrey

Tuesday 29th September 2020

Instaclustr Insights provide meaningful insights into team members’ work lives. This time it is Paul Aubrey, VP—Product Management, Instaclustr. What does your role at Instaclustr entail? The Product Management team that I lead is responsible for the development and maintenance of Instaclustr’s product roadmap.  I took on the role early this year when we created the […]

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Instaclustr Insights: Meet Mussa Shirazi

Tuesday 28th July 2020

Instaclustr Insights provide meaningful insights into team members’ work lives. This time it is Mussa Shirazi, Senior Consultant, Instaclustr What does your role at Instaclustr entail? I work as Senior consultant at Instaclustr, as part of the Consulting team. I’m involved in customer consultancy projects for technologies like Kafka, Elasticsearch, and Cassandra. I work very […]

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Instaclustr Insights: Meet Alwyn Davis

Wednesday 11th March 2020

Instaclustr Insights provide meaningful insights into team members work life. This time it is Alwyn Davis, Technical Director. Alwyn is based out of the Canberra office. What does your role at Instaclustr entail? I’m a Technical Director and my job mostly focuses on managing many of our technical projects. I provide architectural direction and steer […]

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Instaclustr Insights: Meet Anil Inamdar

Monday 6th January 2020

Instaclustr Insights provide meaningful insights into team members work life. This time it is Anil Inamdar, Director – U.S. Consulting Sales & Delivery. Anil is based out of San Francisco Bay Area, California. What does your role at Instaclustr entail? My role at Instaclustr is to scale out our U.S. consulting practice. We already have […]

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Demystifying Cassandra’s broadcast_address

Tuesday 11th October 2016

When configuring Apache Cassandra to work in a new environment or with a new application or service we sometimes find ourselves asking “What’s the difference between broadcast_address and broadcast_rpc_address again?”. The difference is broadcast_address relates to gossip and node to node communications, whereas broadcast_rpc_address is associated with client connections. Read on for more details. The Cassandra configuration file has a few interdependent properties […]

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Webinar: Instaclustr Introduction

Monday 4th May 2015

Join Us – Introduction to Instaclustr Webinar Thursday, May 7, 2015 8:00 – 8:30 AM (Pacific Time)Instaclustr is dedicated to providing the simplest and easiest way to run Apache Cassandra.Our hosted Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise solutions power mission-critical, highly available applications for our customers, enabling them to transform their business and engage like never before with […]

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Developer Nodes from $20

Monday 23rd February 2015

Launch of new developer node offerings Instaclustr is pleased to announce that we have added new lower cost developer nodes to use our service aimed at developers who want to get started straight away with a lower cost Cassandra-as-a-Service.  We have launched two new node types that start from as little as $20 a month.  These […]

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Media: Apache Spark – Hadoop friend or foe?

Friday 6th February 2015

The Spark project encompasses no fewer than four other components, including a stream analytics engine and a structured query interface. It provides out-of-the-box capabilities that previously required learning, setting up and maintaining a mishmash of different technologies. And once users inevitably start shifting their attention away from third-party components to Spark, vendors will follow suit. […]

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Apache Cassandra in the Cloud

Tuesday 27th January 2015

View Adam Zegelin’s Presentation Slides – Cassandra in the Cloud, presented at January’s DataStax Sydney Tech Day. Apache Cassandra in the Cloud from Instaclustr

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Free DataStax Tech Days for Apache Cassandra

Thursday 18th December 2014

Join us for a free tech day in Sydney on 21st January 2015. Upcoming Tech Day for Apache Cassandra – Sydney Wednesday, 21 January 2015 from 09:30 to 16:00 (AEDT) Sydney, NSW Register online:

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Cassandra Summit 2014 – Europe (Dec 3-4)

Monday 17th November 2014

Europe’s Largest Gathering of Cassandra Developers December 3 – 4, 2014 | London, UK | The Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel The Instaclustr Team will be attending the London Cassandra summit, as a Sponsor.  Our Co-Founder Ben Bromhead will be one of the speakers. Learn how the world’s most successful companies are transforming their businesses using Apache […]

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Presentation by Adam Zegelin at Cassandra Summit 2014 – San Francisco

Wednesday 5th November 2014

Instaclustr’s Adam Zegelin presented at the September 2014 Cassandra Summit, on the topic,  Multi-Region Clusters — Cassandra Deployments Split Between Heterogeneous Data Centre Speaker: Adam Zegelin, CTO at Instaclustr In this presentation we discuss a method of provisioning and running an Apache Cassandra deployment spilt between multiple heterogeneous data centers which, rather than allocating per-node […]

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Cassandra Users Melbourne meetup – 23rd October

Monday 20th October 2014

Ben Bromhead will be joining Patrick McFadin in Melbourne on the 23rd of October to talk for the first Melbourne Cassandra Users meetup. We are also joining up with the Melbourne Big Data analytics meetup group so this should be massive! Details can be found on We are looking forward to an awesome meetup  and […]

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Cassandra Summit 2014 – Summary

Monday 22nd September 2014

Wow, what a week it was. Seven days later and our heads are still spinning. The Cassandra Summit officially ran over the 10th and the 11th of September, but for the Instaclustr team it started a lot earlier with us all flying into San Francisco from Canberra, Australia over the weekend. We had a healthy […]

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Fixing a compaction mistake

Thursday 4th September 2014

Apache Cassandra’s log-structured storage engine delivers amazing performance by ensuring that all inserts and updates are written sequentially to disk. Once data is written to disk as an sstable it is never modified. When you change a record, the new version of it is written to the next data sstable on disk. Over time read performance […]

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What’s new in Cassandra 2.0 (Part 2)

Tuesday 6th August 2013

Following on from our last post, the next big feature in Apache Cassandra 2.0 that I will look at are the new type of lightweight transactions called compare and set operations. Compare and Set (CAS) The next big ticket item in Cassandra 2.0 are compare and set operations (CAS). These operations allow developers to perform […]

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What’s new in Cassandra 2.0 (Part 1)

Tuesday 16th July 2013

The first beta of Apache Cassandra 2.0 has been out for a while now. This new release contains a number of exiting new features that makes Cassandra more powerful and easier to work with. Over the next few weeks I’ll have a look at some of the new features to expect. If you want to […]

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