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Developer Nodes from $20

Launch of new developer node offerings

Instaclustr is pleased to announce that we have added new lower cost developer nodes to use our service aimed at developers who want to get started straight away with a lower cost Cassandra-as-a-Service.  We have launched two new node types that start from as little as $20 a month.  These new service types allows you to find a node type that works for you wherever you are on your Cassandra journey, from evaluation and learning, through development, staging and on in to production.

Our new plans are:

  • Starter: For those customers who just want a really low cost and quick way to get started with Cassandra for evaluation, training or light development straight away.
  • Professional: For those developers that are looking for a bit more horsepower than the starter service, but still at a reasonable price. Ten times more storage than the starter offerings, these nodes provide an excellent transition between our developer and production grade nodes.

Just log in to our website and create a cluster choosing the Developer options to access this exciting new node type.  We offer these developer nodes on Amazon Web Services in US East and US West regions.  You can even elect to have DataStax Enterprise under a developer license included in your development environment at no additional cost.

Save money and start developing on Cassandra today. Visit the Developer Node Pricing and Sign Up Section here for more details and Sign up today!

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