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Instaclustr Announces PostgreSQL® on ANF storage (Public Preview)

One year ago, NetApp announced the acquisition of Instaclustr to “move up and shift left”–meeting the needs of developers by providing a PaaS that brings together the application management, optimization and compliance services that organizations need to achieve speed to market, agility and cost-effectiveness in the cloud. Today, we announce a major step in realizing that vision with the Public Preview release of Instaclustr for PostgreSQL® on Azure NetApp Files (ANF). This release gives customers the benefit of blazingly fast IOPS of ANF storage to drive the highest possible levels of PostgreSQL performance, backed with the rock-solid reliability and industry-leading management of the Instaclustr managed platform.  

For organizations with high read/write workloads, the number of transactions per second (TPS) that a database can handle is a key performance metric and often requires more than what standard cloud hardware can provide. This is especially important for large-scale databases such as those used by ERP or E-commerce platforms. 

With Instaclustr’s PostgreSQL-ANF, customers can enjoy a significant boost in TPS without needing to increase their instance size or storage. Our platform delivers higher IOPS out of the box, resulting in a remarkable upgrade in achievable TPS for our customers. 

Our testing, which utilized PGbench, has shown that read/write loads on our PostgreSQL-ANF platform can increase TPS by 55% to 90% compared to our previous platform. This result, while enabled by the performance of ANF, was only fully realized after we spent months performance-tuning with our PostgreSQL and storage experts–work that our customers can now benefit from immediately when provisioning a new cluster. 

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 “For enterprise customers operating applications in the public cloud, NetApp and Instaclustr’s combined platform will offer an unparalleled solution for overcoming cloud complexities while eliminating vendor lock-in risks and the high costs of building and maintaining that same expertise internally.”  

–Ben Bromhead, CTO Instaclustr 

The PostgreSQL on ANF nodes offers all same the benefits of the Instaclustr managed platform, including: 

  • Fully Open Source 
  • Provisioning via Console, API or Terraform 
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and support 
  • Automated backups 
  • Continuous maintenance and version upgrades 

As we progress through our future roadmap, we will be taking advantage of the operational benefits of the ANF storage such as ultra-fast snapshots with no interruption to your PostgreSQL workload, database forking to perform testing or analysis, cross-region disaster recovery and scalable disk performance to get the right speed required for your workload. Expect more news as we deliver these exciting features! 

Start exploring Instaclustr’s PostgreSQL-ANF by simply creating a cluster in our console with just a few clicks or reach out to the Instaclustr sales team. 

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