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Instaclustr New Feature Announcement: Service Users

Instaclustr’s Monitoring, Provisioning, and User Management APIs are very widely used by our customers to integrate Instaclustr’s platform with their broader operational environment. However, up until now, keys for using the APIs were required to be associated with an individual user of the Instaclustr console. This was not ideal when keys are used by an application that is administered by a team. You do not want to share credentials associated with an individual or be left with an application that cannot run if an individual has left your organization or is on leave.

Service Users are a new concept introduced to the Instaclustr Console and APIs which address these challenges. The concept of  Service Users is to provide a class of user designed to be used by systems accessing the Instaclustr APIs and Terraform Provider. Service Users cannot access the Instaclustr Console. Service Users can have multiple Administrator users who are human users that can generate and rotate API keys associated with the Service Users. This way, your admin team can jointly administer the Service User without having to share credentials.

Services Users are now available for use by all Instaclustr customers. For a full explanation of Services Users, see our support page. 

At Instaclustr, we consider highly functional and easy to use APIs as a must-have for any platform service like ours, and so we are very pleased to be able to provide this enhancement to our API capabilities for our customers. We have an ongoing program of enhancements planned for our APIs and console, so keep an eye out for future release notices.

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