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Instaclustr Releases Elassandra 5.5

Instaclustr is excited to announce our managed service support for Elassandra 5.5, updating our release of Elassandra 2.5 last year.

The new release includes:

  • Kibana 5.5
  • Elassandra (based on Cassandra 3.11.2 and Elasticsearch 5.5)

Elassandra gives you the full power of Elasticsearch to search your Cassandra data – without having to build custom integration or synchronisation code.  

Elassandra provides:

  • The ability to use Elasticsearch functionality to retrieve data stored in Cassandra through CQL using an Elasticsearch-based secondary index.
  • The ability to retrieve data stored in Cassandra through standard Elasticsearch REST APIs.
  • Kibana – a powerful user interface to explore, analyse and visualise your data via search.
  • All of this, provisioned within minutes and monitored, managed and supported by Instaclustr’s renowned managed service capability.
  • What’s new in Elassandra 5.5:
    • Improved Elasticsearch indexing and search performance
    • Elasticsearch Painless Scripting
    • New Elasticsearch data structures
    • Improved Elasticsearch Search API and Aggregations
    • Java REST client
    • Compatible with Spark 2.1.1 and Zeppelin 0.7.1
    • Compatible with Elasticsearch 5.x API

    If you would like further information please contact [email protected].