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No Credit Card Required

At Instaclustr we have made it even easier to get underway with our service by removing the need to enter a credit card to commence a free trial. This is currently limited to our T2 Small developer nodes.

No Credit Card Required to Trial T2 Small 3 Node Cluster

At Instaclustr we understand that many of our potential customers are initially looking to simply do some research and want to trial our solution and services quickly. We now make it even easier as you will not be required to gain approval to use the corporate credit card.

Potential new customers can spin up a 3-node cluster and not have to enter their billing details if they are using our developer nodes. This way new users can use our dashboard, provision nodes and trial the capability that we have engineered into our managed service.

The Details

While we have removed the need for credit card details for these nodes, we will still require you to signup with a valid email address. For trialling of other node sizes without a valid credit card you will be required to contact our sales team.

As you near the end of the free trial period we will send our warning emails out 3 days and 1 day before the end requiring the entry of a valid billing method. If we don’t receive a valid billing method by the end of the 14 days the cluster will be automatically shut down.

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