Online Thursday 2nd April 2020

Webinar: Keeping Operational Continuity During a Crisis

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The current pandemic is creating a negative domino effect throughout the business and technology community. IT resiliency is becoming especially critical during these challenging times. Due to drastic changes in business activity, organizations are forced to quickly address the technical and financial impact of a remote workforce in order to maintain operational continuity.

Similar to medicine where taking preventive precautions provides a better scenario than treating the problem, your IT infrastructure works the same way. Preventive care for your digital ecosystem requires the adoption and optimization of effective tools and processes.

This 45-minute webinar will focus on strategies that some of Instaclustr’s customers have recently implemented. We will discuss 6 key steps to address some of the challenges: Defend, Detect, Remediate, Recover, Diagnose and Refine.

Presenter-  Anil Inamdar, Director of Consulting


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