Managed Redis

A scalable lightning fast in-memory database with caching, messaging, and stream processing capabilities

Managed Redis for Speed and Reliability

Redis is the industry leading in-memory solution. Pairing the speed of memory with fast data structures, it is ideal for:

  • Fast storage
  • Intelligent caching
  • Rate limiting and traffic shaping
  • Real-time and responsive UIs
  • Message passing
  • Stream processing

Instaclustr’s Managed Redis deploys this powerful open source tool in a cluster with disk persistence and optional data replication for high availability. Fully managed and with 24×7 support it allows you to deploy Redis with confidence so that you can quickly begin to deliver value to end users.

Instaclustr’s Managed Redis is now in preview release with a free trial available.

Contact us if you want to find out more about using Redis in your data layer, or if you want to be notified when general availability with full SLAs arrives later this year.

Redis Features

In-memory speed

Responsive websites and applications prevail over sluggish competitors. Redis can be used to speed up websites, APIs, and databases with intelligent caching.

Stream Processing

Redis provides robust stream processing capabilities. Consumer groups, inspired by Apache Kafka, process tasks with acknowledgement and fail-over.

Traffic Shaping

Redis is so fast it can keep track of the actions of each of your users individually and control the usage of APIs, resources, or services in real-time.

Horizontally Scaling

Redis is built to scale to well over 1000 nodes in a single cluster, making massive real-time applications possible.

Ease of Use

Redis is well documented with an easy to use interface. Libraries connect all the major languages to Redis, further simplifying its use. Developers can be up and running with Redis in no time.

#1 Three Years in a Row

Redis has been crowned "The Most Loved Database" in Stack Overflow's yearly survey of developers for three years in a row. With speed, an elegant interface and a versatile feature set, what's not to love?

Advantages of Managed Redis

24x7 Support

Instaclustr provides around the clock support for Redis along with our many other managed open source offerings.

Run in Your Cloud Provider Account or Ours

General release will support both Run In Your Own Account (RIYOA) and Run In Instaclustr's Account (RIIA) for our Managed Redis.

Open Source

Our Redis is 100% pure open source with no vendor extensions or lock-in.

Robust Architecture

Clustered by default, you can choose a high availability cluster configuration where data is replicated. Replicating data across nodes in the cluster, persisting data to disk and having managed support is the prudent way to adopt in-memory solutions for your infrastructure.

Data Persistence

Our default configuration persists data to disk at configurable intervals in an open format.

Managed and Monitored

A managed cluster means you don't have to worry about cluster architecture, updates, or monitoring. This is not only the safest but the fastest way for you to add the benefits of Redis to your infrastructure.

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