• Apache Cassandra
Instaclustr Announces the General Availability of Apache Cassandra® versions 4.1 and 4.0.11 on the Instaclustr Platform

Instaclustr is excited to announce the General Availability of Apache Cassandra 4.1.3 on our Managed Platform. 

New features available in Apache Cassandra 4.1 showcase the best contributions made from across the Apache Cassandra community. It offers support for Paxos v2 which is also good news for Cassandra operators using lightweight transactions for Cassandra queries. This is also known as serializable consistency, creating a restriction that one operation cannot be executed unless and until another operation has completed. Support for Paxos v2 halves the latency cost of lightweight transaction roundtrips needed to reach consensus.  

Cassandra 4.1 introduces support for Client-side Password Hashing, strengthening security by giving Cassandra operators the option to avoid the use of plan text credentials. For details on these features plus more, read this blog from Ben Bromhead, Instaclustr’s Chief Technology Officer.  

Instaclustr has done the work to test and integrate Cassandra 4.1.3 into our platform so our customers can provision a Managed Cassandra cluster running 4.1.3 in just a few clicks on our console, API, or Terraform provider across a range of cloud service providers including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure AZ. 

Key Features and Benefits of Instaclustr’s Managed Cassandra 4.1 

  • Reduced latency for lightweight transactions 
  • Client-side password hashing 
  • Pure open source under an Apache 2.0 licence 
  • Free of cloud provider lock-in 
  • Run in your cloud provider account or ours
  • Fully managed and hosted with 24×7 support 
  • Provisioning via our Instaclustr Console, API, or Terraform provider 

Cassandra version 4.0.11 is also now generally available on Instaclustr’s Managed Platform addressing security and bug fixes. Click here for Apache Cassandra 4.0.11 full release notes. 

Don’t miss out on the new features in Cassandra 4.1 and get started by spinning up a cluster on the Instaclustr Console, API, or Terraform provider! Instaclustr customers can contact our Support team to upgrade your Managed Cassandra clusters today!