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Instaclustr Announces Prometheus Monitoring API Upgrade

Instaclustr has released an upgraded Prometheus Monitoring API to more easily monitor and view the metrics from your Instaclustr-managed cluster alongside your existing application metrics in Prometheus.

We are pleased to announce an upgrade to our Prometheus Monitoring API to enhance seamless integration of monitoring data from the Instaclustr Managed Platform to the Prometheus monitoring system. Prometheus is an open source monitoring solution that is very popular and widely deployed by our customer base.

Instaclustr first released our Prometheus API in September 2019 and it has been a very popular feature ever since. This new version of the API delivers delivers several significant enhancements for Instaclustr customers:

  • A discovery endpoint is available at both the account and cluster level to automatically add and remove clusters and nodes from your Prometheus metrics scrape as your Instaclustr configuration changes.
  • A new metrics endpoint returns all available metrics for a node (vs the previous implementation that required an explicit list and had a limit on the number of metrics per call). This removes any need to configure or maintain lists of metrics for retrieval.
  • The discovery endpoint includes public and private IP tags for easier reference in your monitoring tool.
  • The discovery endpoint includes any specified cluster tags for easier reference in your monitoring tool. (Tags are currently only supported for AWS, but GCP and Azure support is coming soon.)
  • We’ve updated our backend architecture for more consistent performance and to deal with the expected additional metrics volume through the new API.

There are hundreds of metrics exposed by every one of our managed services from which we have curated a list that are considered most important for application owners.  These curated metrics are made available on the monitoring page of the Instaclustr console.

In addition to viewing metrics through the Instaclustr console, many of our customers wish to have a single monitoring system to simultaneously view their application metrics alongside the metrics from their Instaclustr-managed cluster. To support this, Instaclustr provides a set of monitoring APIs which can be used to integrate Instaclustr metrics with third-party monitoring systems. Our Prometheus API has become the most popular format for customers consuming metrics in this manner.

To consume metrics into Prometheus, you simply have to update the prometheus.yml file on the machine running your Prometheus instance with a few configuration values. You can find more information about how to configure and build this integration with Prometheus using our support documentation here—Using Instaclustr Monitoring API with Prometheus.

Once Prometheus is configured to pull metrics from your Instaclustr-managed clusters, you can visualize and analyze those metrics on the Prometheus user interface or a tool that works with Prometheus, such as Grafana. You can also set up alerts on specific conditions as supported by Prometheus. It should be noted that Instaclustr’s monitoring system is already providing alerting to our technical operations teams on a wide range of proven health indicators and will respond, triage, fix, and inform you as required.

Contact our Sales team to find out how you can integrate our Prometheus API capability to monitor and view your application metrics alongside the metrics from your Instaclustr-managed cluster. Our Customer Success team can also assist with any upgrades for existing customers that already consume monitoring metrics from the Instaclustr Prometheus API.

Whether you’re looking for a complete managed solution or consulting services, we’re here to help.

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